We have been fortunate to have patriotic professionals, well-known businesses, and
helpful individuals volunteer to make the Cupertino Veterans Memorial a success.   
Because of the many volunteers who continue to support the Cupertino Veterans
Memorial Corporation, your donations can be 100% used towards the development
and placement of the Veterans Memorial in Cupertino's Memorial Park.  
You too can join us in this effort.  If you would like to
volunteer to contribute in any way, contact:

Donna Axelson   (408) 821-9436
Sandy James   (408) 355-5331
Veterans Memorial Design Team


  • Corky (retired Telecommunications manager) and Donna Axelson
    (Technology Resource Teacher)
  • John (retired VP Finance Kaiser Aerospace and Electronics) and Marcia
  • Peter Cheung, restauranteur
  • Kathleen A. Elliott, Entrepreneurial Project Management
  • Ray Gamma, Veteran
  • Ray (retired VP Coldwell Banker Richard Ellis) and Marilee Garland
  • Sandy James, 2 time mayor of Cupertino, CUSD School Board (2 time
    President of the Board)
  • John Muskivitch
  • Michael Lashen, restaurateur, Cupertino Citizen of the Year
  • Paul Lettieri, The Guzzardo Partnership, Inc., San Francisco
  • Bill (Assistant Controller, Thomas Kinkade) and Jackie Ogdon
  • Ralph Otte, Veteran
  • Terry Peterson, Veteran
  • Julie Stewart, EETT (Enhancing Education Through Technology)
  • Jim Wheeler, (retired VP of Operations, networking industry) webmaster
  • Dennis Whittaker, Cupertino Citizen of the Year
Cupertino Veterans Memorial
Contributing Partners
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