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Cupertino Veterans Memorial
Cupertino Veterans Memorial
Many Cupertino citizens have stopped by the memorial since the
initial dedication to remember all those who have made sacrifices
so that we can enjoy our freedoms every day.
The Guardians is a very moving image of two defenders, ever watchful,
back to back.  The two soldiers represented are Cupertino's own
Matthew Axelson, and James Suh, two Navy SEAL's who died fighting
the Taliban in Afghanistan during
Operation Red Wings.  
"Lone Survivor", the book and movie, recalls their courage and sacrifice.

"The Guardians, defenders of our freedoms"
Visiting the Veterans Memorial
The Guardians
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No Veterans Day Ceremony - 2020

In cooperation with Cupertino and Santa Clara County
Health officials, our 14th annual Cupertino Veterans Day
Ceremony has been cancelled in order to protect the health and
safety of all our veterans, first responders,
their friends and family.

Thank you to all who have consistently participated in
and supported our Cupertino Veterans Memorial celebrations.
We will be back together again next year to celebrate,
November 11, 2021.

Even though we will not be gathering this week,
let's all take this opportunity to call, text, write, or zoom the
veterans in our lives.  Don't let them feel isolated and forgotten
in this difficult time.  Encourage them to stay safe.  Invest some
time with them.  Learn more about their journey.  Make a point
to ask them about the most exciting day they had
serving our country.

And to our veterans, first responders, and their families:  Thank
you for being willing to stand up for the freedoms we enjoy
every day.  Without your sacrifice, we would not exist as the
living example of freedom for nations around the world.  
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